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NTA Addresses NEET 2024 Result Controversies and Provides Clarifications

Saturday, June 8, 2024 | June 08, 2024 WIB
NEET 2024 Results Spark Controversy :On June 4, 2024, the NEET results were announced, and since then, several anomalies in the merit list and scoring system have been questioned. The most notable anomaly is the extraordinarily high number of full marks scored by candidates. An unprecedented 67 candidates scored perfect scores, a stark contrast to the usual two or three candidates in previous years. Adding to the controversy, two candidates scored an astonishing 718 and 719 out of 720, which many believed to be impossible according to the marking scheme.

NTA Addresses Loss of Exam Time and Grace Marks

In its press release on June 6, 2024, the NTA provided insights into the issues surrounding the NEET 2024 results. The agency acknowledged that due to Writ Petitions filed by candidates before various High Courts, concerns were raised about the loss of exam time at specific centers. As a result, the NTA decided to award grace marks to affected candidates to compensate for the lost time.

A Grievance Redressal Committee was tasked with examining factual reports and CCTV footage to investigate these petitions thoroughly. After confirming the loss of examination time, candidates were compensated with marks based on their answering efficiency and time lost, adhering to the mechanism/formula established by the Supreme Court of India.

The NTA assured, "Candidates were compensated for the loss of time, and their revised marks range from -20 to 720. Among these, two candidates scored 718 and 719 marks, respectively, due to compensatory marks. A thorough analysis of CCTV footage confirmed that the examination's integrity remained intact at these centers."

Unraveling the Reason for High Full Marks

Addressing the concern of 67 candidates securing full marks and an All India Rank (AIR) of 1, the NTA attributed this unusual occurrence to the significant increase in NEET 2024 test-takers. Compared to 2023, there was a notable 15% surge in candidates, with a total of 2,333,297 individuals appearing for the exam. This larger pool of candidates naturally resulted in a higher probability of high scorers.

Bonus Marking and Its Impact

The NTA also clarified the role of bonus marking in the full scores achieved by some candidates. They revealed that one question in the Physics section had two correct answer options, and bonus marking for this question contributed to 44 candidates achieving perfect scores. The agency received an overwhelming 13,373 challenges to the provisional answer key for this particular question. Due to discrepancies between different editions of the NCERT textbook, subject experts determined that two options should be considered correct. 

Allegations Refuted and Transparency Maintained

In response to allegations suggesting that a specific exam center in Rajasthan produced an unusually high number of top scorers, the NTA emphasized that the top-ranking candidates were from diverse regions across the country, as highlighted in their press release. The agency firmly maintained that there has been no paper leak, and they have proactively addressed cases of impersonation with appropriate action, including registering cases with state police and offering support to investigating agencies.

The NTA asserted its unwavering commitment to maintaining transparency throughout the entire NEET 2024 process, from the initial application stage to the final release of results. They shared relevant statistics in their June 4 press release to uphold transparency. The agency reiterated its stance that there has been no compromise in the examination's integrity and refuted any claims of a paper leak.

NEET 2024 Exam Overview

The NEET 2024 exam was conducted on May 5, 2024, across a vast network of 4,750 test centers located in 571 cities in India and abroad. The examination witnessed a high level of competition, with 13,16,268 candidates qualifying for NEET 2024 out of a total of 23,33,297 test-takers.

In conclusion, the NTA has proactively addressed the concerns surrounding the NEET 2024 result controversy. While the questions and discussions raised by students and stakeholders are valid, the agency has defended its conduct and maintained the integrity of the examination process. The unprecedented number of perfect scores and the unique ranking system have sparked conversations and will likely prompt further reviews and enhancements in future iterations of the NEET examinations.
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