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Rahul Gandhi Demands JPC to Examine Role of PM Modi and Amit Shah in Stock Market Crash!

Thursday, June 6, 2024 | June 06, 2024 WIB
Rahul Gandhi Demands JPC to Examine Role of PM Modi and Amit Shah in Stock Market Crash
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addresses a press conference at AICC HQ in New Delhi on June 6, 2024. Senior party leader Jairam Ramesh is also seen. | Photo Credit: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar

New Delhi, June 6, 2024 — Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addressed a press conference today, raising serious concerns about the recent stock market crash. In his candid remarks, he called for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to investigate the role of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah in the market turmoil.

Key Points:

1. PM Modi's Statements:
   - Rahul Gandhi highlighted that Prime Minister Modi had made multiple statements predicting a stock market boom. These statements were made at a time when he allegedly had information about the election results.
   - The issue, according to Gandhi, goes beyond the involvement of Adani Group and extends to broader concerns.

2. Home Minister's Advice:
   - Home Minister Amit Shah also entered the fray, advising people to invest in stocks before June 4.
   - Gandhi questioned whether it was the role of the PM and HM to provide investment advice.

3. Unusual Activity and Market Crash:
   - On May 31, there was unusual trading activity, and the stock market subsequently crashed, resulting in losses of ₹30 lakh crores.
   - Approximately 5 crore retail investors were affected.

4. Adani Group's Connection:
   - Both the PM and HM's interviews were given to channels controlled by the Adani group, which is currently under investigation for stock manipulation.
   - Gandhi emphasized the need to scrutinize this connection.

5. Demand for JPC:
   - Rahul Gandhi demanded a JPC to examine the role of the Prime Minister and Home Minister in the stock market crash.
   - He asserted that they were privy to crucial data and needed to be held accountable.

6. Allegations and Impunity:
   - When asked about allegations against the PM and HM, Gandhi stated that high-ranking BJP members were involved in the scam.
   - He expressed confidence that the Opposition's increased numbers would facilitate a thorough investigation.

In summary, the stock market crash has raised serious questions about the actions of key government figures. The demand for a JPC aims to shed light on their role and ensure accountability.
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