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Uttar Pradesh Police File Cases Against Journalists Over Tweets on Mob Lynching in Shamli

Sunday, July 7, 2024 | July 07, 2024 WIB
Uttar Pradesh Police File Cases Against Journalists Over Tweets on Mob Lynching in Shamli
            Journalist Waseem Akram Tyagi & Zakir Ali Tyagi
Shamli, UP - The Shamli police in Uttar Pradesh have filed cases against five individuals, including journalists Zakir Ali Tyagi and Wasim Akram Tyagi, over tweets regarding the death of Firoz Qureshi. The police have invoked sections of the Indian Penal Code related to promoting enmity between groups and public mischief.

According to police statements, Qureshi entered a police station premises in an intoxicated state, where a scuffle occurred. He was later taken home by his family, where he subsequently passed away. The police maintain that the post-mortem report showed no serious injuries and that the cause of death was not due to assault.

Police allegations against journalist "The journalist made a post with the sole intent to provoke communal hatred. The accusations are irrational and hence refuted," the police said in a statement. They further claimed that the incident was "deliberately posted on social media as mob lynching to spread communal hatred."

However, Qureshi's family tells a different story. His brother Afzal stated, "He went out around 5 PM and was brutally attacked by a mob, resulting in fatal injuries. He was a scrap worker, a family man with no criminal record. We cannot comprehend why he was targeted and killed."

A case has been registered under IPC Section 304 (Punishment for culpable homicide not amounting to murder) against several individuals, including Pinky, Pankaj, and Rajendra, based on the family's complaint.

The incident has sparked controversy, with the police actions against journalists raising questions about press freedom and the conflicting narratives surrounding Qureshi's death.

This case highlights the ongoing tensions between law enforcement, media, and communities in Uttar Pradesh, and underscores the challenges in reporting on sensitive issues in the region.

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